Create Free Email Id with Own Domain Name|Custom Domain Email ID

Email Id can  easily created on the web for  free , but if you are reading this then you want to have you own free email id with custom domain name . But you don’t know how to create email id on own domain and also you may worry that you don’t have any technical knowledge

Top Free Movie Download Sites List| Best Movie download Sites

Top Movie Download Sites List Movies , Cinema where we get entertained our self . Lots of movies being produced every year round the globe and released in theaters also they are released on the Internet , DVD s Etc . You can also watch the movies online on Youtube , Netfilx and many other Login|Github Repository, Download, How to Use Github | What is GitHub ? What is Github ? this is the question made you come here , Github is the Source Code management Hosting service , where the software profession can use its services to build the software or source codes together on Git Repository . Github Wiki query can make you to

Eenadu Epaper| newspaper classifieds sunday magazine

Eenadu Epaper: Is being organized and published by Eenadu . Eenadu is an Telugu newspaper daily published in Telugu in the two Telugu speaking states. Eenadu Newspaper which as millions of users every month . The newspaper is now published as a digital as an Epaper . Eenadu Group is owned by Ramoji Rao .

Create Email Account without Email ID Verification/Phones Verification

Email Services which provide Email Accounts without Email verification : The Email account is now compulsory for every one, And you want to create a email account and there are lots of free email service providers like,,, these are the top email service provides in which there are millions of email

Send YouTube Video’s on Whatsapp|Share YouTube Video’s on Whatsapp

Send YouTube Video’s on Whatsapp : Hello everyone in this article we are going to learn on how to Share YouTube video on Whatsapp or Send YouTube Video on Whatsapp . In many forums many people are asking the same question on how to send a YouTube video . Its easy to share the video’s

How to Report a Post on Facebook

Report a Post on Facebook : The Facebook news-feed as lots of stories from all the people you are friends with and you follow them . You click like on the post you like , you share if its interesting  and comment down on the post if necessary . All these are done if you

How to Schedule Posts in WordPress Blogs and Self Hosted sites- How TO

Schedule Posts in WordPress: The WordPress is the good CMS platform which as different types of features which makes you easily blog and maintain the websites or blogs without much effort . The WordPress helps you to blog and there is not need of any programming language . You can easily schedule the post with

Best Plugins to create Social Networking Sites using WordPress

Build Social Network site using WordPress : Want to create a social networking like Facebook , Twitter and you know how to run a social media platform effectively then this in this article you will know on how to create social networking site using WordPress. WordPress is the best site building framework and you can

Remove/Edit Footer Links from the WordPress Theme/Template – How to

Remove Footer Links in a Website : The Footer links are the Credit links , link of the site which contain Copyright marks , All Rights Reserved .etc . Some times you also found the Footer “Powered by WordPress ” mark in the Footer and you want to remove the footer from the WordPress theme