Search Someone on Facebook without Logging in

To Find Someone on Facebook without login Id : Facebook is the top most social networking site with almost a billions of users every month. Any person above the age of 13 years can sign up for a Facebook account. So today we will discuss on how to find someone on facebook without actually logging

Find Someone on Facebook using Mobile Number

How to find a Facebook account of a friend using his cell number : I have found these days on forums and Facebook community with lots of query like : Can you find someone on Facebook by their phone number? how to I find someone on Facebook by using their mobile number ? Is there

Different types of Facebook (FB) Groups

Facebook Groups : The Facebook or as different types of section where all the users can be together and think discuss about the same topic . Or you can meet the like people and the source is called Facebook Group . FB groups are of different types which we will know in detail below

How To Delete Google Plus (G+) Profile from Google Account

Delete Google+ Account : The Google Plus or Google+ is the social media platform from the Google .Inc , After Facebook and Twitter Google Plus also as millions of users in the Google Plus . This article to to know How to Delete Google Plus Account . So there may be any reason to delete

Add HyperLink in WordPress|How to create links in WordPress

Add Hyperlink in WordPress : WordPress is the top most CMS (Content Management system) platform which helps to manage the content and websites easily . So we will learn how to link or give hyperlinks in the WordPress . Add Link in WordPress is a simple process . There still many different CMS platforms like

Upload and Install Themes/Templates in WordPress – How To

Upload or Install Themes/Templates in WordPress : The WordPress platform is used and most of the websites on the web are custom build with the WordPress blog . A blog looks good with its design and we call it the Theme or Template . So in this How to tutorial we will learn on how

Delete Posts on Facebook – How To

Delete Facebook Posts : On Facebook we Update status i.e done by writing the post on the Facebook and also your friends have an option to Post on your Facebook wall . So sometimes you doesn’t find interesting stuff on your posts or post on your wall by your friends . So if you want

YouTube Videos Download without software-How To

YouTube Video’s Download without Software : YouTube is the video platform from the Google which as billions of videos , jukebox , movies etc . and you want to download the video’s from the YouTube but , i know you are thinking to download the software and then i have to download the YouTube video

Change Email Address on your Facebook Account – How To

Change Email Address on Facebook : Email Address or Phone number is being used for the creation of the Facebook account . And now you want to change your email id on your Facebook Account , to change email id on your FB account is simple and easy process and it can be done in

How to Un follow on Facebook (fb)| Unfollow

Un follow on Facebook: The Facebook we use as number posts on our news-feed . We get the information about what others have posted on there walls , Status updates . Also we will be informed from the Facebook Pages , Facebook Groups. sometimes we find the topics or posts in the News Feed are