Add HyperLink in WordPress|How to create links in WordPress

Add Hyperlink in WordPress :

WordPress is the top most CMS (Content Management system) platform which helps to manage the content and websites easily . So we will learn how to link or give hyperlinks in the WordPress . Add Link in WordPress is a simple process . There still many different CMS platforms like Blogger , Joomla etc . and adding Hyperlink to WordPress is different from other systems .

How to Add Hyperlink in WordPress Blog :

WordPress is easy to use and we can learn how to use it quickly and you can know about the WordPress at Wikipedia .  Google WordPress Wiki to know about it .

Add Links in WordPress (WP) :

  • Open your WordPress Blog Dashboard
  • screenshot on MAC  or Screenshot on MAC with Keyboard shortcut
  • Start Creating the new post or Page
  • While the Text Editor is being opened , there you have two choices Visual editor and Text Editor .
  • While using Visual Editor you can find a Hyperlink symbol which helps to link . Click and open the Hyper link

Add hyperlink in WordPress

  • When you click on the Hyperlink button you will get a Pop-up window where you can add a hyperlink

add hyperlink on WordPress

  • Enter the URL to add the Link and below you will have the Link Text where you have the Anchor Text or Link text
  • Delete Browsing history
  • Then click on the Add link and the Hyperlink on WordPress is created

Create Hyperlinks in WordPress :

The WordPress is good to use and we can easily add different types of links etc . and also we can create hyperlinks using the Text Editor . So while using the Text editor you should add the link using the <a> tag . This is the easiest if you are good at html coding . Its the good way to add Hyperlinks in WordPress .

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Conclusion :

We can easily add and create Hyperlinks in the WordPress with the above Process . Comment down your Queries on How to add Hyperlinks in WordPress blogs .


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