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How to make a YouTube Channel

How to start a YouTube channel for Beginners : YouTube a video platfrom and search engine where you can find millions of hours of footage which is free and anyone with the internet access can browse atmost all the videos. YouTube being the top most visited website will billions of viewership on the web ranks

Different types of Facebook (FB) Groups

Facebook Groups : The Facebook or as different types of section where all the users can be together and think discuss about the same topic . Or you can meet the like people and the source is called Facebook Group . FB groups are of different types which we will know in detail below

How To Delete Google Plus (G+) Profile from Google Account

Delete Google+ Account : The Google Plus or Google+ is the social media platform from the Google .Inc , After Facebook and Twitter Google Plus also as millions of users in the Google Plus . This article to to know How to Delete Google Plus Account . So there may be any reason to delete

Delete Posts on Facebook – How To

Delete Facebook Posts : On Facebook we Update status i.e done by writing the post on the Facebook and also your friends have an option to Post on your Facebook wall . So sometimes you doesn’t find interesting stuff on your posts or post on your wall by your friends . So if you want

YouTube Videos Download without software-How To

YouTube Video’s Download without Software : YouTube is the video platform from the Google which as billions of videos , jukebox , movies etc . and you want to download the video’s from the YouTube but , i know you are thinking to download the software and then i have to download the YouTube video

How to Un follow on Facebook (fb)| Unfollow

Un follow on Facebook: The Facebook we use as number posts on our news-feed . We get the information about what others have posted on there walls , Status updates . Also we will be informed from the Facebook Pages , Facebook Groups. sometimes we find the topics or posts in the News Feed are

Send YouTube Video’s on Whatsapp|Share YouTube Video’s on Whatsapp

Send YouTube Video’s on Whatsapp : Hello everyone in this article we are going to learn on how to Share YouTube video on Whatsapp or Send YouTube Video on Whatsapp . In many forums many people are asking the same question on how to send a YouTube video . Its easy to share the video’s

How to Report a Post on Facebook

Report a Post on Facebook : The Facebook news-feed as lots of stories from all the people you are friends with and you follow them . You click like on the post you like , you share if its interesting  and comment down on the post if necessary . All these are done if you

Best Plugins to create Social Networking Sites using WordPress

Build Social Network site using WordPress : Want to create a social networking like Facebook , Twitter and you know how to run a social media platform effectively then this in this article you will know on how to create social networking site using WordPress. WordPress is the best site building framework and you can

Create Gmail Account without SMS/Phone/Mobile/Voice code Verification-How to

Create Gmail Account Without Verification : We can create gmail account for free and it an be done in few minutes , previously you will no need to have to place a mobile number in order to create Gmail account where you need to verify your identity  where a SMS with a verification code is