Change Email Address on your Facebook Account – How To

Change Email Address on Facebook :

Email Address or Phone number is being used for the creation of the Facebook account . And now you want to change your email id on your Facebook Account , to change email id on your FB account is simple and easy process and it can be done in few minutes . So follow this tutorial on how to change Email id in FB Account


How To Change Email ID on your Facebook Account :

The Email id change is easy and can be done in simple . But also you can add other email id , as there is a column called Primary mail to which Facebook sends the notifications etc. So please be aware before you change email id or add and email id to Facebook account .

  • Open your Facebook Account (FB Account)
  • Then Login to your Facebook account and then go to SETTINGS column which can be found in a drop down Menu .
  • In SETTINGS you will have a column called Email id
  • There you need to enter the new mail id you want to change to .

email address to facebook

  • After that you can assign mail id to Primary Email on your wish

add email address to fb

By this way you can change the email id on your FB Account .

Change Primary Email id in your Facebook Account :

We can all the contact info in your Facebook account i.e Email id , Phone number , Skype Id etc . Email id can aslo be added to your Facebook Profile with the above process in few steps . But Remember to assign the Primary email id , to which Facebook tries to contact you which any account issues like password changes , forgot Password . Also learn how to change facebook password

Conclusion :

We can change the email id in your Facebook Account , and neverĀ  forget the passwords of your accounts . Comment your queries below on HOW TO CHANGE EMAIL ID in FACEBOOK ACCOUNT

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