Create Free Email Id with Own Domain Name|Custom Domain Email ID

Email Id can  easily created on the web for  free , but if you are reading this then you want to have you own free email id with custom domain name . But you don’t know how to create email id on own domain and also you may worry that you don’t have any technical knowledge . But its very easy and there is no need of too much of technical knowledge to setup and email id on custom domain. So go ahead and read and try to make email id of you own domain name .

Free mail address on custom domain

Create Free EMail Id with Own Domain Name

You can make your own mail id with the custom domain name or email id with company name but it takes a lot of cost , i.e you need to buy your own domain , email hosting provider and need to setup all on your own to mail a email id on your own domain name.  But by using you need to spend some money and setup which will cost you a lot . But There are also Free Custom Email Hosting Providers in the market like Gmail , Zoho (Gmail is only trail for few days ) . You can create Free email account without verification

So For Free Custom Domain Address here to create email id on own domain here are our suggestions

Zohomail :


Zoho is the best Free Custom Email ID provider with company name in the market , you need to just sign up with your details and fill in Credit card information .. Then you can start using Free mail account with own domain on Zoho

Fast Mail :

The Fast mail will be the other best choice for making you own domain mail address for free . Its easy to create an account using fast mail. This can be a Better Choice for Free mail Id on a Business or Company name .

Rackspace :

The Rackspace is one of the best Hosting and Email Hosting provider and you can create own email id free on Custom domain .

Get Email Address on Custom Domain Name

So above are the list for free email address on Custom domain name , here is the list email id address on own domain

This is not free domain email address list ..

Google Apps :

The Google Apps used to provide the free email on custom domain but they have mde that to a paid , so you cna go through there trail version and if you like there sservice you can go ahead , and there is no need of any maintenance or need to manage as the Google Apps will look after every thing .

The is also a good free email hosting provider , which can be helpful for free email id with company name . This can be easy and its at very low cost .

You can also make free custom domain email outlook, free custom email address yahoo and create my own email address on gmail or any other but you need to pay .

Hope the Article helps .. and we try to keep on updating the list regularly to notify or to know how to Create Free mail Address on Custom Domain name . …. Comment your suggestions or any free mail id providers using custom domain .. so that it can be added to our list ..

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