Find Someone on Facebook using Mobile Number

How to find a Facebook account of a friend using his cell number :

I have found these days on forums and Facebook community with lots of query like :
Can you find someone on Facebook by their phone number?
how to I find someone on Facebook by using their mobile number ?
Is there a way to find someone’s Facebook with their cell phone number ?

So i think you are also with the same query and find some friend with his mobile number we will find out few methods to find a facebook profile using mobile number

Facebook search friends by phone number

Facebook Search Friends by mobile number can be done , so to make a search and find someone on Facebook , first save his number to your contacts and then find searching him, or also you can enter there mobile number or Contact number to find them .

Note some people may block the phone number search of their profile in the privacy settings , if they have done that you cannot find someone on facebook using mobile number

search friends on facebook by phone number

Can you search for someone on Facebook by phone number

I cannot exactly say yes or no to the query , but as above discussed how do you look up someone on Facebook by phone number can be complicated, if the person as not added the mobile number to is Facebook profile or he as not created the FB account using the mobile number you are searching etc. So , i can suggest you to find some mutual friends or Search people on facebook using the name or Find people by school name etc .

Search friends on Facebook by phone number

Hope those answers hep to to Find friends on Facebook using mobile number or friends on FB using phone number. We will update on how to a facebook profile using his cell number


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