How to make a YouTube Channel

How to start a YouTube channel for Beginners :

YouTube a video platfrom and search engine where you can find millions of hours of footage which is free and anyone with the internet access can browse atmost all the videos. YouTube being the top most visited website will billions of viewership on the web ranks top in top mot websites in the world. The YouTube or runs on the user generated content where any indivdual can signup to youtube with a gmail account and have to create a youtube channelĀ  to upload the videos and also you can make money with the videos you published on your channel.

How to create a YouTube channel and make Money

So if you want to make a successful YouTube channel may be it costs on the videos you gonna produce but to create a YouTube channel is totally free of cost and now you will learn how to create a YouTube channel .

Create a YouTube channel

As discussed earlier so to create a Youtube channel you should compulsory have a gmail account, if you don’t have one go and create a gmail account which is also a free of cost , but if you want to use for business purposes there are some charges which you can find on there web page.

How to create a YouTube channel name

After you are done with a gmail account , try to figure out what type of connect or which genre or niche of videos you will upload and select a name of your YouTube Channel accordingly .

  • Login to YouTube with your gmail account
  • On right top corner you will have a upload button , click and open it and then

Create youtube channel

  • After you open you will have a popup where you need to enter the name of your channel , But don’t enter First name and Last name , in the popup you can find Use a Business name or other name ..Click and open and Choose and opt for the name you like or you want ..

create youtube channel

  • Then hit create Button and your YouTube Channel is created ..

This is How to start a YouTube channel

How to make a successful YouTube channel

So we are done with the YouTube channel , now we will discuss on how to make a YouTube Channel successful . As discussed try to choose a segment or genre of videos you want to publish and try to make a pre-production work for videos i.e writings i.e from Titles of Videos to Content in Videos , Back Ground music and also try to gather all the needed equipment and software to create YouTube videos which you can upload to your YouTube channel . Also you can monetize your YouTube videos and its also a great source of income … This is how to create a YouTube Channel

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