How to Un follow on Facebook (fb)| Unfollow

Un follow on Facebook:

The Facebook we use as number posts on our news-feed . We get the information about what others have posted on there walls , Status updates . Also we will be informed from the Facebook Pages , Facebook Groups. sometimes we find the topics or posts in the News Feed are interesting and sometimes annoying . And if you find anything un interested for a long time then the UNFOLLOW option is the good option to stop receiving about them on your Feed .  We will know on How to Unfollow on Facebook

How to Unfollow on Facebook (FB) | UNFOLLOW :

Not only unfollow but you can also unfriend or sometimes Block Person on Facebook . We can easily unfollow a person in a few steps .

  • Login to your Facebook account or Go to
  • Then you can Start to unfollow a person from the Friends list . So Go to your Friends list
  • Then Open the Profile you want to unfollow
  • Then you will find the Tabs with FRIENDS , FOLLOWING , MESSAGE

unfollow on facebook

  • Then click on the FOLLOWING and you will have a drop down MENU where you will have option to unfollow

unfollow on facebook

Unfollow on Facebook (FB)| Stop receiving updates from a person :

By the above process you will stop receiving the updates of the person on your news feed . You can even follow the Person if you are not and friend and can get updates of that person . Not only Twitter but Facebook and Google+ as the Unfollow option . Also know how to change Facebook Username

Conclusion : (Unfollow on Facebook)

To Unfollow on Facebook is a easy person and you can follow him anytime again when you want and get the updates of him on your news feed .  Comment your Queries on How to Unfollow on Facebook

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