Search Someone on Facebook without Logging in

To Find Someone on Facebook without login Id :

Facebook is the top most social networking site with almost a billions of users every month. Any person above the age of 13 years can sign up for a Facebook account. So today we will discuss on how to find someone on facebook without actually logging in. You can find anyone on Facebook if they are present on Facebook.

Facebook Search for People without Logging in :

These are several methods to find someone on the FB and you need not have a Login id or profile to search people here .

  • Using Facebook People Search
  • Using Facebook Directory
  • Using Browser Extensions
  • Using Search Engines Like Google
  • Using Social media search websites

We will discuss each method to find someone on FB without logging in .

Using Facebook People Search to Find someone without logging in

To search people on the Facebook with login id is possible .

find someone on Facebook without logging in

  • Go to
  • The Facebook People search page will open up
  • Enter the name of the person you want to search and you will be returned with 10 results which are relevant
  • You can use Browse by Name where there are Alphabets
  • By using this method you can find People on Facebook using FB People search

Using Facebook Directory to Search Someone on Facebook

block on facebook

Using Google to Facebook Search someone without login Id

Google is the top search engine and you can find almost everything on Google and so you can find the people on Facebook without login in . Use this method to find anyone on Fb

  • Go to Google homepage
  • Enter site: firstname lastname
  • In place of First name enter the persons first name , and last name
  • Enter Search and you can find the persons on Google Results

Note : – Google will show you the people or profiles which allowed search engines to Index . So you cannot find all the accounts or people using this method .

You can use Google to search profiles of Facebook , also Facebook pages , Facebook Groups ( Secret Groups Cannot be found on Google Search ) . Try to use Twitter Search to find Facebook profile which we will update soon

Using Browser Extensions :

There are few browser extensions which allow us to search for people on the Facebook book without logging in . All these Extension are build using Facebook API and all are available for free . Just add them to your browsers and complete Facebook search for people without logging in

Here are Few Extensions list you can use for Searching people on Facebook

  • Facebook – All-in-one Internet Search

Sorry for the update .. but Chrome and Mozilla Extension of Facebook All in One Internet Search is being removed


Using Social media Search Websites

These are also some sites which are build to find people on Facebook and also on other social media websites . Here is the site list to find people on Facebook without logging in You can call hem as Social Search Engines


Find Someone on Facebook without logging in :

So those are some of the methods you can find anyone on Facebook without logging in. The accounts which are kept private cannot but found on the Facebook people search and we will keep updating the new methods and you can also help us to update on Search people on Facebook without logging in

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