YouTube Videos Download without software-How To

YouTube Video’s Download without Software :

YouTube is the video platform from the Google which as billions of videos , jukebox , movies etc . and you want to download the video’s from the YouTube but , i know you are thinking to download the software and then i have to download the YouTube video , this is the stuff going through your mind by now , but we can Download YouTube Video’s without any software .

youtube video's download without software

Download YouTube Video’s without Software

Yes its true , we can download the YouTube video’s without any software with the help of small technique , so to download YouTube video’s without any software just follow few steps :


*** Take screenshot on MAC or take screenshot on MAC book

  • Open the YouTube platform
  • Open the Video you want to download .

youtube video's download without software

  • After you open the YouTube video go to the url of the video and type “ss” before

youtube video's download without software

  • Then you will be redirected to a new page where you can have the different version of quality and types of files to download like 3gp , mp3 , mp4 , .avi versions

youtube video's download without software

  • Then Click on the links and start to download the videos you want to download

Download Video’s without Pre Installed software

We can even download the Video’s from other platforms like the Facebook , Vimeo etc with this technique , but please check before you start to download . All the YouTube video’s can be downloaded with this techniques and also there are more different process to download the Video’s without any software’s .


To Download a YouTube without any software the above process is helpful , but to download the premium video’s or locked video’s by YouTube its not possible to download without software or with even software .

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