Best WordPress Template Detecting Tools| How to Detect WP Themes

WordPress Theme Detecting Tools:

The WordPress is the most used CMS(Content Management system) which is used to build the websites . Most of the websites or blogs in the web are being build with the WordPress CMS. You are also an user of wordpress and want to know which template they are using and apply the same template to your site. Then there ae few online tools to detect wordpress templates of website

How to Detect WordPress (WP) Templates :

wordpress theme detector

So here is the tutorial on how to detect the wordpress theme used in the site/blog . So to detect a WordPress Template you can go and check templates .

  • To check the WP template of a site copy thee URL of the website or blog
  • Then go to the sites which help to detect the WordPress  templates and below you will get the best WordPress Templates detector
  • Go and paste the URL of the template in the box in the sites and click ok
  • The Template detector will start detecting the Theme and you will be returned with all the details

This is the way to detect WordPress Templates .

Best WordPress Template/Theme Detectors :

There are two online wordpress detection tools available which are the best . So here are two tools for you


The WordPress Theme detector will help you to know which templates is used and also the Plugins used to build the site . This is the way to build the WordPress Template :


The another WordPress Template detector is which will also help to detect the WordPress themes . These are the tools to detect WP themes

Conclusion :

Those are the best templates or best theme detectors available in online . So check other site themes on WordPress sites and place the same themes on your site