Block Contacts on Whatsapp – How to

Block someone on Whatsapp:

Whatsapp is used in day to day life and its the compulsory app found in all the smartphones . So in this tutorial we will learn on how to block someone on Whatsapp . You can also learn on how to block someone on Facebook 

add contacts to whatsapp

How to Block someone on Whatsapp

So if are getting irritated with some annoying messages or unknown people sending messages on whatsapp and you want to get rid of this kind of messages then here are the few steps to follow and block them on whatsapp

  • Open your Whatsapp account
  • Click on the number or contact you want to block
  • On the right corner you will find the 3 dots

block contacts on Whatsapp

  • Click on the 3 dots and you will get a drop down menu , there you will find MORE option
  • Click on MORE option and there will be another drop down menu and you will find the BLOCK

block contacts on whatsapp

  • Click on the BLOCK and you will get a Pop up
  • In the Pop up window you will have a message of confirmation to block contact on whatsapp
  • Click on OK and the contact is being blocked on the Whatsapp

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Blocking on Whatsapp

So this is the method to block someone on the Whatsapp , after blocking someone you can unblock them if you want them any time , So blocking contacts or unknown number on Whatsapp is easy and can be done in the few steps .

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Conclusion :

If you find any difficulties to block someone on Whatsapp , comment down your queries and we will help you to block someone on Whatsapp