Change Gmail Password|How to change/alter gmail password

Change Gmail Password : The Gmail is the most used email service in the web world and its as millions of mail accounts . There are millions of mails sent everyday from the Google Mail service GMAIL . Think you to have the mail account in the Gmail . So You want to change the Password of your gmail account and it is also advisable to change gmail account password frequently to make your account safe for cracking etc .

How to Change Gmail Password:

change gmail password

So here we will know how to change the gmail account password , so please try to change the password after you read the article fully . The gmail password can be changed using mobile but it is different compared to Desktop or Laptop one as the interface changes . Use gmail account to login to login

  • Open you gmail account i.e log in to your gmail account using the account mail id and password or follow this link gmail
  • Then on the right top corner you will find the settings button which looks as the gear
  • Click on the Gear and you will find the SETTINGS button , and you will be sent to the new page where you can change the gmail password
  • In the new page you will find the Account and Import in blue color , click on the Link and you will be sent to other page where you can find the CHANGE PASSWORD in the blue color
  • When you click on the link you will be asked to enter the OLD PASSWORD , and NEW PASSWORD and CONFIRM PASSWORD OR VERIFY PASSWORD
  • If you have doen all in the right way then you have change gmail password successfully

Gmail password Change or alter gmail password more details

So Changing gmail password is easy and its a few steps process , but remember the gmail password change is important and it must be changed frequently . The password should contain atleast 8 characters with Small characters , Capital characters , numbers and special characters .

Gmail password Essentials :

By now you know what are the must to build the strong and hard passwords , and never share your mail id or any account passwords with any one . This may keep your accounts at a great risk and you will be in risk of losing data and accounts even . So keep changing you gmail passwords regularly and also of other accounts . Also know how to delete browsing history  in google chrome


To change gmail password its easy and fast , we can change gmail password without any risk and easily . If you find any difficulties to change the gmail password , comment down your problem and we will help to change gmail password .