Change your Twitter Username| username – How to

Change Twitter Username:

The Twitter is a social networking platform where you can post status which cannot exceed more than 140 characters . When we create a account you use a username or we call it twitter username . Now we will discuss on how to change twitter account username . The username can be easily changed with in few steps .

How to Change Twitter Username:

change twitter password

The can be easily changed and also know how to change twitter password . Also there are other tutorials on Facebook , Twitter , email accounts etc .

  • Log in to your Twitter Account with your login credentials by at . Twitter
  • Then Click on the Profile and you will have a drop down Menu where you have SETTINGS button
  • Click on the SETTINGS button
  • Then on the LEFT sidebar you will have ACCOUNT . Click on that and you will have a option to change the TWITTER USERNAME
  • When you change the USERNAME , the username which is available will be shown .
  • Then Click on the SAVE and you will be asked to ENTER PASSWORD
  • ENTER PASSWORD and Complete the Twitter Username Changing

Alter Twitter Username

By above process you can change the username of Twitter account . You can also know on how to change Facebook Username . When you change the username of your twitter account automatically the URL of your profile changes .

Twitter Wiki :

To know more about the Twitter or  go to twittter wikipedia page and know more about the Twitter .

Conclusion : (How To Change Twitter Username)

The username changing cannot be a risk process and can be done in few minutes . You can change twiiter password any time on your Android phones , iPhone etc . And its easy to change the Passwords etc . Any Queries on Change Twitter Password Comment below