Change WiFi Password Dlink, Netgear, Cisco, ATT , Alter Wifi Router password- How to

Change WiFi Password :

WiFi (Wireless Fidelity) is the must nowadays , every one is using this feature to connect to the online . As the users of net is being increasing , the WiFi is becoming more important and its now part of our day to day lie . This article is about how to change WiFi Password . So lets move and learn all the possibliters to change WiFi password .

How to Change WiFi Password on Dlink, Netgear, Cisco, ATT

To change the WiFi password is to change the password in the WiFi router . Ok now your question is What is WiFi Router , WiFi router is an electronic device which generates the WiFi signals . So the process to Change the WiFi password lies in the WiFi router and we will follow the process to change wifi password.

Wifi Password change

WiFi Wiki :

So if you want to know more about the Wireless LAN or WiFi go and Google WiFi Wiki or WiFi Wikipedia . There is page written for the WiFi . Learn more there about all the Features .

Alter WiFi Password in Dlink :

  • The process to change the Wifi password is almost same with all the routers, but to change the WiFi password first you need to enter into the Router with a Gateway IP address
  • So switch on the Dlink or WiFi Router and see weather the lights are all on
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Enter Router Address Dlink , Verizon , Netgear , Cisco

  • Enter the IP address after you open the browser i.e 1928.168.0.1 or or or
  • Then you will be asked to enter the Password and Username of the WiFi router , if you have set any and remember the password then enter them and login, if not then click on the WiFi password reset button
  • Then you will enter the Admin and password and enter into the WIFI Router ,

Wifi Router PasswordWifi Password change in Netgear, Cisco, Dlink, ATT :

wifi password change

  • After you enter into the Router you will have an option Wireless Setup on left sidebar in the Router and open it
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wifi password change 1

  • Enter the Username of WiFi Name and you will option to set the Password, the password will have to encryption like WEP/WPA
  • Enter the password and keep the apply changes and the Wifi Password Change is comeplete
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This is how to change WiFi password

WiFi password Change using iPhone,  Android, Mobile phones :

The WiFi password can be changed easily with the iPhone, Android, Mobile phones . So you can change Wifi Password .

Conclusion :

The WiFi password change is easy with the . Comment down your queries on how to change wifi password