Create a Event on Facebook – How To

Create Event on Facebook:

So Event on Facebook is the topic in this tutorial , as we know the Event is some special gathering of the people on an occasion and we invite the like people our friends to attend the event , and its the whole decision of the person to join or not go to the EVENT . So we will know on How to Create a Event on the Facebook on Mobile with the picture on a Facebook page or Facebook Group .

create facebook event

How to Create Event on Facebook :

So we will know on how to organize a Facebook Event , Follow few steps and create your first Facebook Event

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  • Open your Facebook Account , i.e log in to your account
  • Then on the Left sidebar you will find the CREATE EVENT
  • Click on the CREATE EVENT and then you will get the Pop up window
  • Select the Type of the event , Public event or Private event

create fb event

Organize a Facebook event :

So to organize a Facebook event or Create a Facebook event with on mobile its very easy , so follow the above steps and create a Facebook event with the photo . After you create the event publish the Facebook event links on the Facebook Pages , Facebook Groups etc .

Conclusion : Facebook event is to alert your friends and also inform in bulk to your friends without any risk and can easily manage a list of people for the event and lessen the risk of forgetting the people to invite and also forget about the event when you are being invited . Comment your views and queries on how to create an event on Facebook . Do share and thanks for reading