Create Paytm Account| login, sign up recharge-How To Create Account :

PayTm is the online recharge and eCommerce website and also available as Android and i OS App . We will learn about the how to Signup for Paytm . There are Signup Promo offers for Paytm for you . The PayTM stands for Pay through mobile . We will learn on how to login to PayTM , create account and many more of PayTM .

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How To Create PayTM Account or Signup for PayTM .

The PayTM can be used for the recharges , DTH recharges , shopping etc and all most all types of products are present in the PayTM store .

PayTM Wiki :

PayTM is being started in 2010 as a mobile recharge company and slowly transformed to eCommerce site and also available as an App . You can know more about the PayTM at Wikipedia page of PayTM . to get to PayTM wiki page , enter PayTM Wiki or PayTM wikipedia .

Signup for PAyTM Account | Signup :

  • To signup or create an PayTM account you have to go to PayTM site here
  • After that you need to create an account in PayTM . Create PayTM account .

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  • On the right top corner of the site you will find the Login/Signup button , click and open the Signup page

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  • You will have a pop up page where you can enter the sign up and Fill in your Email id , Mobile number and the password for the PayTM account you prefer to have
  • A confirmation code will be sent to your mobile number and the Email id to confirm your mobile or email id and PayTM account is being created

Signup in PayTM App:

We can even create an account in PayTM app .. You can download the PayTM app and then create the app on your Android app or I phone app . Create your PayTM account in PayTM apps .by the same above process . Promo codes , Coupons codes 2015:

There are lots of offers in the PayTM and there are PayTM promo codes . We will update all the Coupons codes of PayTM and Promo codes of PayTM here .

Login or Sign in for PayTM | login:

We can login to PayTM account easily after you have create the acccout . We will know the process on how to login to Sign in to PayTM account .

  • Go to PayTM account
  • The on the Right top corner you will have the Login/Signup button , click and open them .
  • Then log in or Sign in to your PayTM account with the help of the password you assigned during the Signup of account .

login into paytm account

  • This is the way to create PayTM account and login to Paytm account .

Conclusion : account sign up or Create an account in is so easy and any one can create and account in the Paytm account . Comment down your queries on how to create paytm account , login , promo codes , coupon codes etc .