Delete Browsing History in Browser|Google Chrome , Firefox , Safari – How to

Delete Browsing History :

We surf internet or browse the web using browser , the browser is the software interface which helps us to browse the whole web with a URL or IP address . So as we are browsing the data or list of the website we browsed is being stored in the browser in the History folder , so if you want to delete the Browsing history here are in this article you can learn How to delete Browsing History .

clear browsing history

How to Delete Browsing History on Chrome , Firefox , Safari :

So here is a tutorial on delete browsing history .

  • Open the Browser you want to delete the browsing history
  • Then open the history folder in the browser , in most of the browsers CRTL+H is the shortcut to open the history  folder in the browser
  • Then you can find the Clear browsing history , then click on the button
  • By this you can clear the browsing history .

Even there are shortcut key to clear the Browsing history “CRTL+SHIFT+DEL” in Mozilla Firefox and in Google Chrome and in almost all browsers .

So by this you can clear the browsing history ..

*** Take Screenshot on MAC

Clear Browsing History Alternative :

In place of clearing the Browsing history you can use the Incognito Window where your browsing history is not being stored and you will not have a need to clear the browsing history every time you want to . So simply to skip the heavy process of clearing the Browsing history on browser use the incognito window .

delete browsing history

So to use the INCOGNITO window in the browser you need to open the incoginto , there are simple keyboard short cut i.e CRTL+SHIFT+N in Google chrome , CRTL+SHIFT+P in Mozilla firefox and EDGE browser . Incognito browsing shortcut

Conclusion :

If you find any difficulties on How to Delete browsing history or Clear browsing history  comment down your queries below ..