Find IP Address of your system – How to

Find IP Address :

IP Address is the unique address assigned by the ISP (Internet Service Provider ) . The IP address is unique to a system and it will help to track the cyber crimes , geo location etc .  The IP address comes in two formats IPV4 and IPV6 . IPV4 is 32 bits and generally format look likes xx.xx.xx.xx . Where as IPV6 is 128 bit address long it comes in a format of xxxx.xxxx.xxxx.xxxx

find the ip address

How to Find IP Address of your System :

The IP address of a system can be easily recognized with few methods .

Find IP Address with Google Instant : 

  • enter Keyword “Whats my IP ” or “Find My IP ” or ” ip address ” , remove the quotes
  • Google will return the IP address of your system

Find IP address using Websites :

  • Open the sites like
  • The IP address of your system will be returned on your system .

Find IP Address using CMD Prompt :

  • Open RUN and Enter CMD
  • Command Prompt is opened
  • Enter ipconfig and press enter
  • The IP address will be returned

More Details About IP Address :

The IP address is assigned by the ISP and unique for the system as we have discussed earlier , the IP address is assigned in two different types like STATIC IP , DYNAMIC IP

Static IP : The Static IP is a Single IP  is being assigned to a system and it permanent address and will not be changed , until any disturbance arises

Dynamic IP : The Dynamic IP is the IP address is changed a regular intervals and no single IP is being assigned for a diferent systems at a time

Conclusion : The IP address is not the present in as system as IMEI number , its different and assigned . If you still find any difficulties in Finding IP address then comment your Queries below in comment box .