How to Delete Account

Delete account :

QUORA is the new social networking and social media platform where you can ask any type of question . And i think you are already a user of  . It as millions of users and different types of questions are being asked on . The can be created easily here create quora account . The use of account creation is because it gives you a news feed depending on your interest . We can also access with out the account , but an account can help you to have a good exposure to all interesting feeds .

How To Delete a Quora Account :

The account can be deleted in very easy steps , it can be done here

delete quora account

  • Click and open the settings and you will find the page where you will have links to delete account and deactivate Quora account
  • Delete Account is different from Deactivate the Account , where deactivate is you will come back, but delete account is permanent deletion and it cannot be re created and any data on you account name is being deleted

delete quora account1

  • Choose you option wisely and you have delete quora account

Deactivate account

The account can also be deactivated , this deactivation helps you to once again get back . Also we will discuss on how to change Quora password . But for now read how to Change Facebook Password

Conclusion :

We can delete account easily and it can be done in minutes . Do not forget to share this tutorial on How to Delete account .