How To Send Friend Request on Facebook |Add Friend on Facebook

Add Friend on Facebook :

The Facebook is a good platform where you can meet all your friends who are long , away . We can know there Status , there photos , there where about if they post on there wall or Facebook Profile . We can meet everyone and know , but to know about them you need to be friend of them  . So we will know How to Send Friend Request on Facebook . To Add Friend is easy and you need to just send your friend a request to add you as a friend .

How to Send Friend Request on Facebook :

To send a Friend request you need to know him outside Facebook . you can even Add Friend if you even don’t know him outside . But make sure not to send friend request to too many of them , this may cause the Block of your Account for few days .  change Facebook Username

  • Log in to your Facebook account by going into or
  • Then Search for the Person you want to friend request on the Search bar of Facebook

add friend on Facebook

  • After you search the Account or Profile you want to send the Friend request you will have the option to ADD FRIEND

Add friend on Facebook

  • Click on the ADD Friend and the Friend Request will be sent to the person , wait till he accepts your Friend request
  • Change Facebook Password

Add Friends on Facebook :

The Friend Request can be sent to everyone you know but make sure you know him personally and also some times you cannot find ADD FRIEND option on some Profiles , ask the person to send you the Friend request if you know him personally . If you don’t know him then you cannot make friend with that person , but you will have a option to Follow the person where you can get all updates of that person . Block someone on Facebook

Conclusion :

You can send Friend Request , if not you can follow and know their status on your news feed . Make sure to expand your FB friend list in a good way . Don’t spam on Facebook