Remove or Disable Blue Ticks on Whats app – How to

Remove or Disable Blue Ticks on Whats App :

Whats App the messaging platform which as millions of users and there are billions of text , voice , video messages are sent every day through this platform . The Whats App as many features and its unique in its style . The Blueticks are introduced recently which helps to know weather the message is read by the receiver end.

disable blue ticks

How to Remove Blue Ticks on Whats App

Firstly before we know about How to remove Blue Ticks on Whats app , we will know what is the need of the Blue ticks and uses of the Blue ticks

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  • Single Tick indicates the message is being sent to the receiver from your end
  • Double Tick indicates the message is being delivered to the receiver end
  • BLUE TICKS indicates the messages is being read by the receiver

By the Blue ticks it some times becomes difficult and the person who sent the message will cross check on situations because you are not at all interested in the message and you want to ignore the message .

So now we will learn

How to Disable the Blue Ticks on Whats app :

  • Open the Whats App

disable bluesticks on Whatsapp

disable bluesticks on Whatsapp


  • And you will find the Read Receipts which will by default have the  tick mark in the box

disable bluesticks on Whatsapp

  • To stop the Blue Ticks Remove the Ticks

disable bluesticks on Whatsapp

  • Now the Blue Ticks is being Removed or Disabled .

Conclusion :

Before you remove the blue ticks remember that disabling the feature is useful or not to you . Follow the steps to remove the Blue sticks , if you find any difficult in disabling the Blue Ticks for Whats App comment below .