Screenshot on Android smart phones , Tablets – How to Screen Capture

Screenshot on Android :

Screenshot on Android phones is easy and simple and we can have the screen capture on Android Smart Phones like Samsung S3 , S4 , S5 , S6 brands , Google Nexus etc . The Screenshot or Screen capture can be easily done with the hardware buttons and also from the Android 5.0 the software is being in=stalled in the system to have a Screen Capture or Screenshot .

screenshot on tablets , smartphones

Screenshot on Android Smart Phones , Tablets

So we will discuss about on how to take a screenshot on Android smartphones , tablets using the hardware . So follow the few simple steps and you can have a good screenshot . This is the same methods for all the Android Mobiles like Samsung S3 , S4 , S5 , S6 , LAVA , LG , Micromax , Karbonn and all other Android Operating system installed operating systems .

  • Open the page or screen you want to have the screenshot
  • Press the POWER BUTTON and VOLUME DOWN button at a time and there will be a screen shot or a sceen capture .
  • So if you want to have a part of the screen either crop the screenshot taken after the screenshot is taken

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Screenshot on Android using the pre installed software

So to have a screenshot with a pre installed software in Android operating system then follow the few steps .

  • Drop down the hover
  • You will find a screenshot button open that app and then there will be a rectangle open
  • Adjust the Rectangle on the part of screen you want to take the screenshot .
  • The screenshot is taken by this way and it is being stored in the screenshot folder in the GALLERY

Screenshot Apps on Android :

There are many apps on Android to take a Screenshot on Android Smart phones and Tablets here we present a few apps below

  • Screenshot by lovekara
  • Screenshot Ultimate
  • Screenshot by Kastor soft

Screenshot on Samsung Galaxy Phones :

The Samsung smartphones at almost run on the Android operating system and the way to have a SCREEN CAPTURE or SCREENSHOT on the Android or SAMSUNG is to press the POWER and VOLUME DOWN button at a time .

Conclusion :

The Screenshot aare being taken for some proofs of any bill payments , and ticket books etc . some times to save  the Mobile data etc . The screenshots on Android are very use full . Do comment on How to take the Screenshot on Android Smartphones or Tablets .