Screenshot on MAC using Keyboard shortcuts or Screen Captures- How to

Screenshot on MAC or Screenshot on MAC Operating Systems :

The MAC operating system which is similar to Linux is being developed by the APPLE Computer from its inception its known for its quality of product. Screenshot on MAC or Screenshot in MAC is the topic we discuss in this article . Generally a screenshot or a screen capture is the image of our display captured using different commands , keyboard shortcuts etc .

Screenshots on MAC or Screen captures on MAC

screenshot on MAC

We can either take the screenshot or screen capture on MAC of the whole screen or part of screen on a screen capture of an window . Below the article you can learn all types of Screen captures on the MAC .  So generally the important keys on keyboard COMMAND button , Shift Button and 4 number key . These are commands for screenshot on mac using keyboard

Full Screen Capture on MAC or Screenshot of Whole screen

If you are ready to have screen capture or screenshot of the whole screen then you can have the screenshot with a simple keyboard shortcut .

  • Open the screen of which you want to take a Screen capture or screenshot
  • Press the buttons COMMAND+SHIFT+3
  • The screen is captured and it is stored in the default folder .
  • By this way we can have the Screen capture or screenshot on MAC of Whole screen

screenshot on MAC

Screenshot of part of screen on MAC

Here we will learn on how to take a screenshot of part of screen using the keyboard commands or shortcuts.

  • Press the buttons COMMAND+SHIFT+4
  • Then you will find the cross mark , set the cross hover for the screen  want to capture and leave
  • The PNG file will be capture
  • The part of screen you want to capture or screenshot you want to have is taken .

Screenshot of the Window on MAC

How to take a screenshot of the window on the MAC , its a simple process follow the few steps and you can easily have a screenshot on MAC of a Window

  • Press the buttons COMMAND+SHIFT+4
  • Then you will find the cross mark then click on the SPACE BAR , after that you will find the CAMERA button
  • Then place the button on the Window you want to capture and click on it.
  • The screenshot of the Window is being captured.

This is the way we can have the screenshot on MAC or Screen capture of MAC using this short cuts .

List of Commands for SCREENSHOT ON MAC

To have a screenshot on the MAC or MAC OS systems like MAC Pro or MACBOOK then there is a simple thing or commands you should never forget . COMMAND+SHIFT+3 for full screen capture , COMMAND+SHIFT+4 for part of screen capture and COMMAND+SHIFT+3 with SCAPE BAR can allow you to have a screenshot of the WINDOW capture .

Conclusion :

We can have the screenshot on MAC OS using the simple commands with MACBOOK , MACBOOK Pro etc . Do comment if you find any new techniques to have the screen captures or screenshots and never forget to share on How to Take screenshot on MAC or screen capture on MAC or screenshot on MAC Book pro etc .